Simon Coronel - The FISM Rehearsal         
Simon Coronel - The FISM Rehearsal

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July 3rd and 4th, 2012


In July 2012, Simon Coronel will be representing Australia at the FISM world championships of magic and illusion.

The championships are held every three years in a different country, and represent one of the highest levels of competition in the industry.

For two nights only, Simon will be rehearsing his competition routine live at the Melbourne Magic Festival.

This will be a quick, raw, thrown-together show. Simon is literally flying in from LA a few days before, then flying out later that week to the UK for the tournament.

The FISM rehearsal will feature the strictly-limited-to-10-minutes-by-FISM-rules competition routine, accompanied by other illusions, stories, and off-the-cuff insights into the barely controlled chaos that sometimes goes into competing at the world championships.


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