Shoot Ogawa - Six Person Secret Session (Melbourne)         
Shoot Ogawa - Six Person Secret Session (Melbourne)

[Bookings Closed]

Tuesday July 15th, 2014

New Gold Mountain
21 Liverpool St, Melbourne, VIC 3000 (map)

Ever wanted to have a private session with one of the world's greatest sleight of hand performers? While Shoot's workshop next week will cover a pre-set selection of material, this is a chance for just six people to learn whatever they want from an international master.

Shoot and the six participants will spend three hours together. Every half hour, a different participant gets to decide what the session focuses on for the next half hour. Want to work on your muscle pass? Done. Learn some advanced card material? You're in charge. Pick Shoot's brain on magic business and marketing? Whatever you want.

Obviously you also get the benefit of learning what the other five participants want as well as your own custom request. Everyone stays together for the whole secret session.

Limited to six participants; book here now to secure your spot.


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