The Vyom-Needs-A-Promo-Video Show         
The Vyom-Needs-A-Promo-Video Show

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29th October, 2010


Vyom Sharma sat sweaty palmed across the desk. The large man tapped out an ominous rhythm with his weathered fingers. Hollywood kingpins always made Vyom nervous.

"You've got it all kid. Looks, skill, charisma.... but you need one thing."


"A Promo Video"

In 2010, Magician Vyom Sharma burst out of relative obscurity to win 2nd Prize at the Ausralian Society of Magicians' Competition. Now flushed with success, he's ready to take on the world of international showbiz.

But first he needs a promotional video.

Come watch history in the making as Vyom's two closest comrades embark with him upon a quest of unbounded glory. Simon Coronel has won 3rd Place at the 2009 World Championships of Magic. Luke Hocking is fresh from sold-out shows at the 2010 Melbourne Magic Festival.

They'll perform, you'll be amazed, Vyom will film his act, and everyone will drink and be merry.

For a measly $10, you can be part of the saga that will unfold.


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